Whether your business has one employee or a thousand, it is always essential to ensure you have a stable employment plan in place. A well-thought-out plan and business structure can help reduce, if not eliminate, many of the problems that are sure to arise down the road.

Employment issues can be both expensive and time-consuming. Although companies plan to avoid employment issues, they are not always possible to prevent. Our goal is to bring a quick resolution to these disputes.

Our firm has vast experience in dealing with:

  • Filed with Texas Workforce Commission relating to unemployment claims

  • Filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discrimination charges

  • Handling wage and hour audits through the Department of Labor

  • Defending overtime claims

  • Drafted Stock Appreciation agreements (Phantom Stock)

  • Suing ex-employees for contract infractions, trade secrets, and other violations

  • Litigating employment disputes in both federal and state courts

  • Implementation and defense of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

With experience handling employment litigation from both the employer and employee perspective, our firm has the experience and knowledge to get our clients the best results as efficiently and quickly as possible.


  • Negotiated employment contracts for numerous local health care professionals, consultants, and other business agents

  • Drafted and revised employment handbooks for about fifty companies

  • Defended common cause actions

  • Negotiated severance packages