When Should I Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

The Question:  “When should I hire a Real Estate Lawyer?”

As with so many questions asked to a lawyer, the answer to whether you need counsel in navigating a real estate transaction is, “It depends.”  Rosenblatt Law Firm regularly reviews, drafts, and/or negotiates contracts for clients purchasing residential or commercial properties.  Although many realtors and individuals utilize the standard Texas Real Estate Commission form, otherwise known as a promulgated form, the form is only a starting place.  Changes can be made to the form to protect individual interests and ensure the contract sets forth division or settlement exactly as the parties negotiated.  

Other clients wait to seek legal advice until property or real estate is already under contract to purchase or sell, and a problem arises.  The property seller may receive a title commitment back requiring complex items on the title commitment be “cured.”  In conjunction with the title company and adverse parties, our real estate lawyers will help clear ensure a clear title and a successful closing.

Another area where a real estate lawyer can be helpful is in with commercial leases.  Many of our clients mistakenly believe commercial leases cannot be negotiated at the time of the initial signing or at renewal.  Commercial leases are filled with unique terminology.  Our lawyers specialize in drafting leases with favorable terms to our clients, advising on best practices, and assisting when problems arise, including representation in eviction proceedings. 

Real estate documents can be complex and executing incorrect or inadequate instruments can have long-reaching and expensive consequences.  In general, it is better to hire a lawyer earlier in the process than later.  Either way, Rosenblatt Law Firm is always available for free consultations to advise you on the best time for us to step in.