Time For a Checkup

Smart business owners and managers reduce costs and avoid legal problems with preventive legal practices. With the help of their lawyers, businesses can avoid disputes, injuries, and damage claims, and strengthen their defenses when lawsuits are unavoidable.

This post will introduce you to the value of legal checkups. Rosenblatt Law Firm can help you to adopt the strategies that apply to your business. Preventive practices should be much less expensive than addressing legal problems down the road. To protect your legal health, remember to consult your lawyer when contemplating business ventures, entering into agreements with suppliers and customers, and when developing policies for personnel, sales, and purchasing matters.

Legal Checkups Detect Problems

Legal checkups – or legal audits – are something like an accountant’s financial audit or medical examinations given by a physician.

During a legal checkup, your lawyer examines business records and practices and recommends steps you can take to protect the legal health of your business. In a typical legal checkup, your lawyer will review documents such as your corporate charter, corporate minutes book, purchase order forms, sales contracts, employment agreements, and loan agreements. You may receive a written report summarizing their findings and recommendations.

An audit may uncover legal problems that should be corrected. For example, it may reveal that the company should revise sales contracts to limit warranties and liabilities or revise its employment applications to preserve the right to fire unsatisfactory employees. Other examples include tax changes, asset protection needs, or changed business models which require adjustments.

In addition to providing a written report, your lawyer can meet with you to explain the audit findings and recommendations and advise you how to avoid potential legal problems. At the meeting, you can also learn which problems need immediate attention and which ones are less serious. A good business owner is continually redefining their business model and team, with their legal team proving support for this effort. Let Rosenblatt Law Firm be on your side in 2019!