When is the Right Time?

Rosenblatt Law Firm regularly prepares wills and other estate planning documents for its clients.  Most of our clients do not request a will or estate planning documents until a triggering event such as the death of a family member or a close friend, or when planning a vacation or trip abroad.  Psychologically, travel invokes concerns of dying and prompts people to ensure their affairs are in order.  Ironically, statistics support people are more likely to die at work than on a trip.  We say this not to suggest skipping work, but instead to illustrate how vitally important it is for everyone to have updated estate planning documents.


In the fourteen years Rosenblatt Law Firm has worked with clients, we have seen too many tragic situations where clients have vowed to complete their estate plan, yet fail do so before their passing.  We struggle to counter some of our clients’ mistaken beliefs that only a specific person will inherit through intestacy laws, and their incorrect assumption that estate documents are not important.  The process for probating a will in Texas is relatively simple.  However, time and costs dramatically increase for the estate of a person with incomplete documents or no will.  Also, although most people only consider whether they need a will, a solid estate plan also includes various powers of attorney and other documents clearly stating the individual’s desires and intent in specific situations.


Whatever your reason for not completing your estate planning, the emotional and economic toll  placed on your loved ones in the face of your death—made exponentially worse should you pass away without proper documents—should always make it a priority.  For most people, estate planning documents do not need to be complex.  Rosenblatt Law Firm offers a questionnaire, capable of being completed in a relatively short time, which provides us the information needed to prepare draft documents for your review, subject to questions and clarifications, and ready for your signature. 


Don’t wait, don’t make excuses, just get your plan done and keep it up to date.