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Rosenblatt Law Firm offers comprehensive and individualized legal solutions for alarm dealers.  Our goal is to protect your business from financial exposure and litigation and allow you to focus on adding new customers, diversifying product selection, and expanding your business model.  We offer a range of services tailored to alarm dealers.  For example, we can advise on the appropriate entity to protect your assets from liability and allow for profit sharing if desired.  We can prepare your business to turn over to the next generation or for sale.  Our firm specializes in representing business owners in purchasing other businesses and selling their businesses.  Our expertise in employment matters ranges from ensuring businesses are complying with wage and hour issues, enacting and enforcing non-compete agreements, and hiring and terminating employees properly.  For example, we frequently draft employment agreements protecting customer lists through non-solicitation clauses.

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    We know that one of the alarm dealer’s greatest assets is its customer base.  A successful written subscriber agreement funnels monthly revenue to an alarm dealer, month after month, and ensures the customer base is solid in the event of a sale.

    The subscriber agreement should detail the type of service and maintenance as applicable, reduce a dealer’s legal exposure, and preserve monthly revenue streams.  Specific clauses and protection should be customized based on the types of services offered.  These protections may include, but are not limited to, the following:

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    • Cancellation notices requiring specific wording and timeliness
    • Warranties and liability clauses
    • Terms of agreement
    • Auto renewal and billing requirements
    • Indemnity clauses
    • State complaint requirements

    With the assistance of Rosenblatt Law Firm, you can ensure your subscription agreement is not only fully compliant, but also protects you and your customers.  If collection issues arise, we stand ready to enforce agreements and collect on your behalf.  We have form contracts available for many situations, but have also drafted many custom contracts based on each client’s individual needs.  Our knowledge and experience will simultaneously allow for safeguarding a steady revenue stream and providing thorough legal compliance and protection. 

    What We've Helped Our Clients Achieve

    • Draft cease and desist letters preventing former employees from soliciting customers
    • Prevent potential violations of state and federal law through active review of employee compensation issues
    • Assist in sale of alarm dealer’s contracts to third-parties
    • Successfully negotiate and settle contract disputes between alarm dealers and vendors
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