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A large portion of our practice focuses on real estate matters. Whether a client is buying, selling, leasing, or building, our San Antonio real estate lawyers are well-versed in contract negotiation, liens, collections, and development.


Our real estate lawyers have significant experience in creating homeowners’ associations and advising them as to their rights and duties. We assist homeowners’ associations in resolving issues with homeowners, and, if necessary, litigating with homeowners who are delinquent in their assessments or failure to comply with the covenants and restrictions associated with the property.

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    What our san antonio real estate lawyers have Helped Our Clients Achieve

    • Successfully negotiated numerous commercial leases

    • Drafted private placement memorandum for a coastal real estate developer

    • Drafted several condo declarations

    • Represented several Home Owners’ Associations and/or their management companies

    • Drafted numerous commercial and residential leases.

    • Created homeowners’ associations and deed restrictions

    • Drafted, reviewed, amended, and enforced easement agreements

    • Drafted a review lease


    How can an attorney help with a real estate purchase or sale?

    Any purchase or sale of real estate is a monetary risk to some degree. Having an attorney review the contracts prior to signing on the dotted line can greatly reduce that risk. An attorney will not only be able to explain all the provisions of the contract for you so you fully understand your rights but can also negotiate specific terms that are beneficial to you. Bringing on an attorney from the start of the contract drafting will prevent countless problems and make sure your interests are protected.

    As a landowner, what are some of the problems that I may need to deal with when it comes to zoning and land use?

    Before you purchase real property, you should be aware of any specific zoning or land use restrictions.  Zoning restrictions will be set by the municipality where the land is located.  Land use restrictions are often found in deeds or property owner associations declarations.  An attorney can assist with identifying if any specific zoning will affect the land as well as determining the likelihood of receiving a variance or change of zoning from the municipality.  Land use restrictions can include everything from the prohibition of certain animals and businesses to the type of driveway you are permitted to build.  Understanding the restrictions you will face prior to buying the land is always better than finding out after the sale.  

    If I have purchased a home in San Antonio and found that something inside the home was faulty when I purchased it, is there anything I can do about it?

    It depends on several factors including what the seller disclosed in the written disclosures and whether the seller had knowledge of the defect before the time of purchase. It also depends on whether you had an independent inspection prior to the sale and what that inspection revealed.

    How can I break my commercial lease in San Antonio, Texas?

    Each commercial lease has distinct termination provisions that will determine under what conditions you can terminate your lease and at what cost that termination will be. Some commercial leases have specific notice provisions that must be met to exit a lease.  Others will have a monetary penalty for early termination.  Since each commercial lease is unique to the rented space, a close review of the lease must be done before you consider breaking a commercial lease.   

    Are there benefits of working with a San Antonio real estate attorney?

    Working with a local attorney on real estate deals is always preferable because a local real estate attorney has unique insight into the local market as well as relationships with local banks, title companies, inspectors and agents.  In order to buy real estate, you need a strong dedicated team.  An attorney is a vital part of that team and can provide much needed advice and negotiating skill.

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